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KOIA - grey

KOIA - grey

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Handmade in Finland from the finest quality wood. Unique design inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and contemporary architectural trends. Innovative construction method allows the playhouse to be easily disassembled and resold if needed.

  • 10-year warranty
  • 100% happiness guarantee
  • Complete package with everything you need


  • Playhouse: Finnish pine
  • Interior wooden panels: Finnish spruce
  • Roof: felt
  • Windows: plexiglas


We deliver across Finland and Sweden. Or pick it up yourself for free from our fulfilment center near Pietarsaari.


The playhouse has an area of 4m² and a maximum height of 2.3m. More information.

Care Instructions

The playhouse is designed to withstand all weather.

A quick annual check is needed, and we also recommend repainting the playhouse after 1 and 5 years.

Complete instructions are found in the instruction manual included with each purchase.


Not suitable for children under 3 due to pinch injury risk. Maximum 6 users in the playhouse, with adult supervision recommended.

Intended for outdoor home use, away from open flames.

Delivered disassembled, and requires two adults for assembly. Keep children away during assembly.

Climbing on the playhouse roof is unsafe and not recommended.

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The world's easiest playhouse to assemble

Just 11 elements and around 30 screws. Assembling KOIA is like putting together a large piece of furniture.

When the children outgrow it, the playhouse can easily be disassembled and resold.

Made to last

Finnish pine and spruce with 20mm exterior and 14mm wooden interior panels.

Handmade in Ostrobothnia, where wood craftsmanship has been practiced for hundreds of years.

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Original architectural design

"In the design of KOIA, we wanted to create a playful space that invites children to explore and create their own adventures."

- Rabbe Tiainen, architect

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We're offering a limited number of playhouses for lease. Click here to learn more and secure your spot!

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We created KOIA to create something better

A safe place for children to play, learn and explore. Beautiful design that the parents can appreciate. A sturdy build that can be passed on to the next family.

Better for children, better for parents and better for the planet.

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