The world's easiest playhouse to assemble

Just 11 elements and around 30 screws. Assembling KOIA is like putting together a large piece of furniture.

When the children outgrow it, the playhouse can easily be disassembled and resold.

Made to last

Finnish pine and spruce with 20mm exterior and 14mm wooden interior panels.

Handmade in Ostrobothnia, where wood craftsmanship has been practiced for hundreds of years.

100% happiness guarantee

Unhappy with your purchase? Inform us within 30 days for a full refund.

Buy or rent

We offer the option to rent a playhouse from 59€/month.

After the first year, you can continue renting and pay the monthly fee, buy the playhouse outright, or return it to us.

Designed and made in Finland

We created KOIA to create something better.

A safe place for children to play, learn and explore. Beautiful design that the parents can appreciate. A sturdy build that can be passed on to the next family.