Our story

It all started with a problem...

Sebastian and Rasmus are neighbours and brothers. They shared a common problem: they felt their children spent too much time in front of their screens. And they wanted them to go out and play instead.

So they both purchased playhouses for the children. The kids liked them, but the brothers didn't. The design was outdated, the quality was questionable and it took two weeks(!) to put them together.

"Someone should create a better playhouse"

Sebastian and Rasmus figured that there are other parents who feel the same way they did. So they teamed up with a few friends, and soon the team behind KOIA was formed.

Together with talented architects, we first created a completely unique design inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and contemporary architecture trends.

Though the playhouse is for the children, we wanted to create something that the parents could enjoy as well.

From idea to prototype

When we started working on the production, simplicity was the top priority.

We wanted to make KOIA super easy to assemble, like putting together a piece of furniture.

You should be able to do it in hours, not weeks. And you shouldn't need hundreds of screws and trips back and forth to the hardware store.

After some experimentation (aka making mistakes) we figured it out and soon the first prototype was ready!

And now it's finally here!

The first playhouses were delivered in May, 2023. Our goal is simple: create products that get children playing again!

The playhouse is only the beginning, and we're working on bringing multiple new products to market. We hope you'll join us on this journey to get more children to play!

Jonas, Josua, Frank, Isak, Saul, Sebastian, Rasmus, Jonathan

P.S. We're always open to feedback or suggestions! Feel free to contact us at contact@koia.me.